Thursday, December 21, 2006

Plump up the volume...

I guess S.'s ovaries responded to the Clomid, because she had a plump, juicy 22mm follicle ready to bust out of there. So, she had the HCG shot TODAY, which means we're insemming TOMORROW. I have to call out sick for school, which makes me sad. I did want to say good-bye, Merry Christmas, see you next year, etc., to my students. Plus I have like, no sub plans ready, tomorrow being the last day before Christmas vacation and me planning to do things like read "Yes Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus" and analyze the deeper meaning behind it. Um, yeah. (I'm an English teacher, can't you tell?)

So, tomorrow is our day. First insem. at the baby factories--and with strangers. We always had Dr. K. do ours; it was personal and cozy and intimate, and now we'll be one of many passing through that day, hoping sperm and egg miraculously join while we sit it out for the next two weeks. Merry merry!


Laura D. said...

So that means that if you did insem, today, you are coming to my house for New Years!!! Woohoo!!!

CD & SP said...

Philly here we come!