Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Slow News Day

We are negligent bloggers, there is just no getting around that anymore. The most I can bare to do most of the time is post pictures of Theo. I know that is sort of satisfactory for some, but not for me. There was a time when this blog was one of the only outlets we had for our frustration. This is not to say that our frustrations have ended, and indeed I will make good use of you all again as sounding boards when our next TTC frustration (because isn't TTC always a frustrating experience?) exhausts me and nooneunderstandsbutyou!!

So, in the meantime, knowing that frustration is peeking out from behind a tree up the road, I'll leave you with these pics. Mealtime is far from blissful, but Theo does usually enjoy himself, which keeps his mamas happy for sure. He's only sort of got the hang of the food bag, in which we've stuffed some blueberries for munching. Yummy! 

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Free Time

We've heard that six months is a tough age for the little babes. Alas we do find that vaguely true over in babymaking town. Poor T is drooling an ocean over those tiny teeth that just haven't broken through to the other side yet. No sign whatsoever except for the shiny face and chapped, slimy hands.

I would say the best thing about six months, though, is trying all the new food. It is awesomely fun, and I really don't get why people buy baby food in jars. I mean, I probably saved like 500% on baby food this month and I still paid $5 for two organic avocados, $4 for an organic sweet potato, less than $2 for a bag of organic peas, and $2.50 for a bunch of organic bananas. At 80-something cents a pop for a jar of organic baby food, I would say I have myself a bargain. Making baby food is definitely beyond the thrill of the bargain for us, though. We like knowing we prepared everything especially for T--we picked it out, peeled it, washed it, mashed it--is this really too much trouble for some people? I get if you're traveling or something, but jeesh.

Okay, enough about my food tirade. I think I'm just feeling so sad for the little dude and his teeth that will not be. Soon soon, I know. As long as everything else stays the same forever and ever I'm good. Like sleeping, for instance. Sleeping can stay. We like sleep--all of us.

We had reached an impasse with our cloth diapers in December. They were constantly leaking, the babysitter kind of stopped using them, and we were just generally unhappy for them. We recommitted in 2009, did some more research about our possible issues, and seem to be back on track. He still can't sleep overnight in them, though---anyone have a good solution for heavy overnight wetters?

Oh, the things I think about now in my free time...

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Goals for 2009

I don't like to make New Year's resolutions. I know it's a month past New Year's already, so this is coming incredibly late, but I thought I would start ruminating about this now. This year, I'd like to read more, move more, perhaps move out of my town, and get pregnant. Yes, it's time to start thinking about #2...

I think we have to start thinking about this now because family planning when there's money involved is, well, just more difficult than your run-of-the-mill hetero family planning. I'm sure their's goes something like this: "So, want to have a baby soon?" "OK, let's have sex and see what happens." "Okay, great!"

I know that is an exaggeration and I am NOT insinuating that it is always that easy for heteros to get pregnant. I know it's not and that it can be just as stressful (and expensive!) But after watching S. go through 13 insemination unsuccessfully, I just don't know what is going to lie ahead for me. I'm the same age now as S. was when she started, just about. However, she was incredibly regular--I'm not. I'm also not entirely convinced that don't I have some sort of cyst-situation going on in there that may need to be looked at and resolved before we can start trying.

And then there's this-----it's important to us that Theo has a biological sibling, so do we go with using our donor and my egg, or one of his frozen brothers or sisters sitting in the hospital where we had our IVF? Right now, the donor is not available, but may be in the future--but they don't know when. This is not good. Will it be in a year? A month? Never?? But Theo's brothers and sisters are available right here, right now, for the one-time cost of a FET. But what if it doesn't work and then there's no donor sperm left? What if what if what if what if????????

Clearly we have a lot to work out. What I do know is that it is day 17 of my cycle and I haven't freaking ovulated yet, according to the monitor. WTF?! This is not a promsing start, but I'm going to be positive until we meet with our RE in March. I can, will, and do ovulate. I can be and am regular. I can get pregnant this year.

Most likely you will not hear me talk about this again until our meeting with the RE. I just wanted to put it out there and get it off my chest. So there you go.