Thursday, July 30, 2009

Theo-boy has at least two enduring loves in his life so far--water and wheels. He'd take wheels over water anytime, but if there's water on the way to his wheels, well, then, that's another matter. If he can have both at once, I daresay he'd be blissfully happy. Someday, I'm sure he'll get a kick out of going through a carwash. For now, we set up a kiddie pool on our patio, and he usually stops and splashes about for a bit en route to the wheels--aka the cars in our driveway. Below, examples of said loves.

Splashing in the pool

Checking out the car

Ouchies bare feet on the driveway (he never seems to care much that there are hundreds of tiny rocks puncturing his feet, but we do!)

Stud-man on Uncle Pete and Aunt Stacey's beloved Subaru. Whose kid is this? Future mechanic? It would come in handy seeing as we just blew $700 on new brakes for our other car.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Mammas are Amazed

Well, we've finally hit the big one. You know, the big ONE--to the surprise of exactly no one except his mammas, Theodore Lee turns one-year-old today. I know, I know--I won't say much new here that other mammas with suddenly and unexpected one-year-olds haven't already said, but what the....? A year? Seriously? I mean, my baby is a...a...boy. A little, trouble-making boy.

So, what does our one-year-old little boy do? Well, no words yet, except for the usual "Mama" or "Mom" sounds, and "Uh-oh!" when something isn't quite going his way (like right now, he really, really wants the door to the baby gate to open but the darn thing seems to be locked somehow..."Uh-oh!") He does talk, however, and quite emphatically. Something along the lines of "Ahh doo nuh nuh DAAAHH DOOOOW!" He also speaks Parseltongue. (If you never read any Harry Potter, this will make no sense to you whatsoever). I swear when he's looking at his bottle, he whispers sweet nothings to it in a language only he and Voldemort can understand.

He brushes his teeth and can point to his head, mouth, and belly. He does not walk, but cruises ad infinitum and crawls at breakneck pace. If there are a garagefull of toys in the yard, he will completely ignore all the ones that don't have wheels, and then make a bee-line to the gravel driveway where he'll often stand in bare feet (um, ouchies) and do laps around our cars. That boy loves him some big wheels.

I could go on and on about the things he does that exactly no one else would find interesting except for us, so I'll just stop it all and again stare in disbelief at my one-year-old and be continually awed by his progress and stare in wonder as I attempt to catch just one single moment of him today--turning a year. Happy Birthday (no-longer-baby) Theo!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Birthday Boy!

We had Theo's Birthday party this weekend. This was the invite for his luau:We ended up with a beautiful day (after a rainy morning), delicious food (and authentic thanks to my dad), and tons of family and friends (including C's dad - first time ever). It was the best best day. I had a intense "I'm the mom" moment when I had to cut the cake. It's always a task I give away gladly to whatever mom is in charge. Oh, that's me.

My mom made the cake and Theo ate it!!

And loved it!!!! And now, our family room looks like a toy store....lucky lucky boy. Even luckier mommas.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I'd like a second helping, please.

There's a resurgence of babymaking going on these days. I love it. I'm not saying the BFPs are rolling in yet...but there could be second babies in homes next year. We've got the ladies making famblys , the two moms are at it again and the O family's growing too. Oh look at the optimism back in my voice. You think the years of trying, the countless BFNs and the jaded outlook would come storming back - but I'm remarkably calm. I'm not sure why - maybe time has healed the wounds or maybe because it's because it's not my body, so there's more faith. I'd hoped C. would talk more about it, but she's a quiet one. I respect that. We balance each other out in that way. If it were me I'm sure you'd be hearing about my cooch much more often. Lucky you.

That's crazy ladies. Siblings. Yikes. Is Theo ready for that?

Here's my new favorite picture of my bruiser. Watch out baby!


Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Why didn't someone tell us that traveling with a baby is so exhausting? Between the many hours in the car, the constant following him around a non-babyproofed houses, trying to see and do it all (our own fault) and the not sleeping so well in a pack-n-play, we are worn-ass-out. Theo was so relieved to get home and play and crawl around with his toys, and us...we were happy to sit and watch.
Lest I leave you with the impression that we didn't have a FABULOUS time...
Highlights of trip in pictures:

Theo at the Capitol building

Theo's favorite part of Camden Yards

While Cousin J. says "Go, O's!" we know the Sox rock!

The weather was perfect, the company even better. We had a great visit to Philly and Baltimore. What a great way to kick off summer!