Thursday, March 20, 2008

Baby Racket

I have had a lot on my mind lately, from the Elliot Spitzer scandal to the 5th anniversary of the Iraq War's start, to the baby, of course. At week 24 in this pregnancy, S. is finally starting to get sick of me in the bed. (Okay, in all honestly she's probably been sick of me in the bed for like, 6 years, but now with the addition of the Snoogle, she's really ready for me to get out.)

Also, we took the plunge and registered. It was, shall we say...overwhelming? But I think we had a good tactic. We started a registry on Am@zon, printed it out, and brought it to BR'U to find comparable, if not exact, items. We did pretty well, I think, but this is definitely not something you go and do once. So, we're going back tomorrow to comb over our selections. Friends with babies already told us we registered for too little, but much of what we really, truly want (the baby bath products, the pack n' play, our high chair, organic bedding and onesies, etc.) just were not sold at BR'U, so looks like our registry will just have to be split. I rationalize it by thinking that most couples register in at least two places when they get married, and we never registered for our wedding so it's all fair (right?!). We're just worried some of our "older" relatives won't bother with the on-line stuff, and then who's going to buy? We'll see what happens at our non-existent shower, of which it seems we will have two since my family's females and S.'s family's females cannot fit in one house and we do not want to go out to a restaurant and make a big to-do. S. has a thing about opening presents in front of people (I know, she's a freak), and in front of people in a public place is even worse.

I think we really freaked my mother out while registering. I don't think she's really stepped into this monstrosity of a store, so she was really overwhelmed and amazed at all of the choices families now have. She claims it was "eye-opening" and kept saying how none of this stuff existed when she was pregnant with me 28 years ago. Yes, it's quite the racket!


The Nanny said...

Hey, I completely understand about the present thing. I don't even like opening presents in front of my parents! Anyway, good luck with the registry! I hope you get everything you want!

Sara I said...

I have a lot of stuff you can have. I'll call you this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Yea for registering! I felt weird registering for our wedding, so I didn't. But a baby registry is another thing. I think it's so exciting! I already have an online one at findgift (unpregnant shameful face) really to just remember where things are that I like. I'll have to do another at a store for our no-internet family. Please share where else you choose besides BRU. Thanks!

Your poor mom! Mine would do the same thing.

Marcy "meg" said...

We registered the other day too. We had so much fun but yes it is overwhelming!

Anonymous said...