Monday, December 22, 2008

We're Off! a distant state for Christmas. Here is our packing list, to be shoved in the back of S.'s dad's 12-seater work van. I dare there to be any room left for passengers after we get through packing it up:
  • one exersaucer - not collapsable
  • at least 3 bags of groceries, just from our home, nevermind what S.'s parents are bringing
  • several bags and 2 boxes of presents
  • one huge bag just for Theo
  • a suitcase for us
  • a bag o'toys, blankets, etc...
  • diaper bag plus our own personal purse-type bags (we barely carry purses anymore-anyone else have this issue? Bye-bye handbag obsession, hello diaper bag obsession!)
Ugh...and this is after S.'s parents have put their luggage, presents, and groceries in. Even with that long van, I predict it will be a squeeze. But all for love of family do we travel thus, right? This will be Theo's longest car ride yet--we'll see how he does. We leave tomorrow after school time, so most of the driving will correspond with sleepy time, in theory.

Here's Mr. Theo styling in his car seat last weekend. We hope he'll be that happy in it all week!


Anonymous said...

Man, do you two make pretty babies.

Heather said...

Theo looks so excited to be in the car! I don't think that he'll feel the same after such a long car ride, even I get cranky!! :)

Laura said...

Can't wait to see you guys, hopefully!

Sara I said...

Hope you had a great x-mas. I'll catch up with you guys this coming week.