Saturday, June 13, 2009

Well...yes, yes, here come the excuses. It's the end of the school year (teachers should know this excuse is sufficient enough!). We've been busy traveling--a wedding last weekend, another funeral the week before, believe it or not (S.'s grandmother's sister). It's just been---crazy. Guess what we get to do this weekend? N-O-T-H-I-N-G. And we will love every second of it. We have "plans" already (apparantly we cannot sit still) -- working in the yard will be a MUST this weekend. That lawn won't mow itself. Although the weather in New England has been less than inspiring to get out in the yard and work this week, we did manage to pick some radishes and lettuce from our garden, which is a tease for all the other bounty to come. If only the sun would come out, maybe the other veggies could actually GROW!

I'll leave you with some beach pics of Theo--his first trip there with our friend S. down on the shore in Connecticut. It was a beautiful weekend for hanging on the beach, although the water hasn't quite warmed up yet. Theo was a fan, but not so much of his sunhat. That fair-haired boy will need one stitched onto his head this summer or have his hair doused in sunscreen.

Sand in the mouth? It doesn't taste so bad!

Mom, do I really have to wear this stupid hat?!


jessie said...

He might not like the hat but I do! :) We have nothing to do this weekend, either. It's abeautiful thing

LD said...

The hat is awesome! We've been in our "yard" all day, but it's the first weekend we've both been home to do it!