Thursday, July 30, 2009

Theo-boy has at least two enduring loves in his life so far--water and wheels. He'd take wheels over water anytime, but if there's water on the way to his wheels, well, then, that's another matter. If he can have both at once, I daresay he'd be blissfully happy. Someday, I'm sure he'll get a kick out of going through a carwash. For now, we set up a kiddie pool on our patio, and he usually stops and splashes about for a bit en route to the wheels--aka the cars in our driveway. Below, examples of said loves.

Splashing in the pool

Checking out the car

Ouchies bare feet on the driveway (he never seems to care much that there are hundreds of tiny rocks puncturing his feet, but we do!)

Stud-man on Uncle Pete and Aunt Stacey's beloved Subaru. Whose kid is this? Future mechanic? It would come in handy seeing as we just blew $700 on new brakes for our other car.


Anonymous said...

My two new loves are each of those adorable legs. Sigh.

Laurie said...


beans said...

Very fun!