Monday, March 15, 2010


Ahh yes, and as soon as I took comment moderation off, I get a block of Chinese spam, as Shroedinger pointed out. Just loverly!

I feel very good about the timing of these insems. We did one in Noho yesterday at a beauuuutiful new space there called Cr@dle, done by the same mw that delivered Theo (a good sign? I hope so.), then another one this morning. My midwife is fairly certain, as am I, that I ovulated last night because my temp did go up, but I was still very open with LOTS of ewcm. She old me it was as good a timing as she's seen, so that is tre hopeful. I had to go alone this morning and tell a white lie to work about not being able to come to my first 2 classes, but it's all good. Now I just sit back and wait as my nerves jangle about my short luteal phase. I start progesterone supplements Wed. night and bought some B-complex to take in addition.

Aaaaand, guess what word Theo has learned? NO!!! Ahhh, yes, the wonderful world of NO, or, as he likes to say in a way-too cute voice, OH, NOOOOO!!!!!! It takes our all not to imitate him and give him the wrong idea that it's actually a fun and cute word that's okay to say all the time. I guess it was inevitable.


jessie said...

That Cradle place looks great! GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Anonymous said...

sounds like your timing was perfect! good luck on the cycle and the beginning of "NO!" :)

Anonymous said...

The insem that became the baby I am carrying was done at Cradle! Love it there!!! Only wish we still lived there to take advantage of the facility!!!

Fingers crossed that this is your month!!!

giggleblue said...

i hope you had the best of timing!

Anonymous said...

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