Monday, November 22, 2010

Not Yet

Nothing to post yet--I just know where minds wander to when a gal gets to about this stage of the game. We've just been--busy. The theme of this pregnancy. I called in sick today to actually sleep (and I been sick for a week, so it's legit), relax, be alone for an afternoon - though I'm out soon to run some errands before my 38-week midwife appointment this afternoon. So, since Halloween, let's see what's been going on:

  • 3 surprise baby showers, one thrown by my mom for us at my aunt's house (which surprised the ever-living hell out of me - seriously) and 2 others by 2 of my classes. Very cute and very sweet when a 14-year-old can pull something like that off.
  • The tile backsplash is almost done in our kitchen. It looks killer.
  • Theo is testing his limits, big time. Perhaps he senses a big change is on the horizon? Every night, bedtime is a challenge and a production. Any advice? Or is he just 2?
  • 2 more weeks of work (probably) and we've just now hired a sub. Here's hoping I actually have enough time left to sit down with her before it's time.
  • House is all in order - we got our co-sleeper back from our friends, all baby clothes are washed, bags are packet, new car is purchased, snowblower is being serviced, camera batteries are charged. Phew.

I don't think I could possibly have forgotten anything. Thanksgiving is this week and it is nearly my favorite national holiday. No religious affiliations, wonderful food, no pressure to exchange gifts, and a great message - be grateful. And, though we haven't stopped to genuflect on it, we truly, truly are.


Laura said...

What kinda car didja get??

Katydid said...

Good luck and Congrats on growing your beautiful family!!

With love,

DS said...

Can't wait for the little one to arrive! Hoping for a very safe and peaceful birth for you 2!

Schroedinger said...

Wow, so exciting!! I will be stalking for updates :)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for your little man to arrive!

Heather said...

its almost time!!!!

Sara I said...

I just sent you a box of N.'s clothes. We're thinking about you! Keep us posted.