Thursday, January 06, 2011

So--no big update, as he's still not sleeping awesomely, but it seems that Max sleeps better and more quietly when he's on his side. I've been wedging him sideways, swaddled, with blankets to keep him on his side (but not push him too far over that he falls on his face). This seems to be working. Our ped. actually suggested putting him on his stomach (!) but that thought seriously freaks me out. So, side sleeping it is. I did make a discovery today that may or may not have been contributing to the random bouts of daytime crying--an eyelash in his eye. Poor kiddo! Everyone knows how aggravating it is to have any foreign object in one's eye, but at least we have the ability to shove a finger in our eye and scoop it up. As you can imagine, Max is not so partial to this approach, so I squirted him down with sterile tears in hopes of flushing it out. It's either crept back into his lower eyelid or gone away--let's hope it's the latter.

I hope I don't sound like an awful heel. We love this boy and his multiple chins and wet diapers. Even if he does sound like a pterodactyl when he cries.


Strawberry said...

We had (have) a screecher, too. Awful sound when he cries, which is more like screaming. I don't ever want to go back to those days when he was tiny and doing it for hours. My condolences.

Laurie said...

Ryan wouldn't sleep on his back for nothing. We had him on his belly within the first month or two. At first I was nervous, but I found comfort in the fact that the "right" way of putting a baby to sleep changes every dozen years. It's tummy only! And then "back to sleep". Back and forth, back and forth. Hopefully side sleeping is the way to go for him!

Melody said...

You are so not a heel. Its OK to be worried and express it, and it doesn't mean you love your kid any less or that you're an awful complainer. I used to do the side sleeping thing w/Simone too. When they're that little they're still mostly tolerant of swaddling, so I'd actually swaddle her and then wedge her between two rolled up swaddling blankets.