Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Clumsy Cook, Engines, and Machines

Nothing exciting to report today. Max is this close to laughing out loud, and I caught him trying to turn himself on his side on the bed while I was putting laundry away. I attempted to make granola bars and, while their flavor is killer, they were not the chewy, tender yummies I was hoping to replicate from my favorite K.ashi ones I buy pre-packaged. Anyone with a good recipe? I'm trying to stop buying granola bars because I end up eating them all alone somehow, and seriously----what are they but oats, some sugar, some nuts--certainly not worth the money I'm spending weekly on them.

On another totally random note (since I'm sitting here watching Thomas the Tank Engine with Theo), I have a serious issue with a couple of Theo's favorite kids' shows (two of the three we allow him to watch). On Thomas & Friends and Bob the Builder, the anthropomorphic trains and construction vehicles, respectively, seriously annoy me. They make stupid mistakes and what are their consequences? A stern lecture. Worse, Bob the Builder usually just laughs and points out the machines' mistakes. I mean, I don't know what would happen - they all get sent to the scrapyard? That would be a terribly traumatic end to an episode, I suppose. But I really wish those machines would just stop screwing up.


L said...

Best granola bar recipe ever:

CD and SP said...

love her! can't believe i never thought to look there--thanks!

Karen Lee said...

For me, it's Elmo's World.

WHY does he keep asking Mr. Noodle? Mr. Noodle does not know anything. Also, asking the baby is never worthwhile.

I know, it's dumb, but it drives me up the wall. Mr. Noodle! Ugh.

K said...

I've been lurking on your blog for, like... ever, but it takes Thomas the Tank Engine to coax me out into the light. Figures. :-)

I don't care much about it either way but my partner loathes every engine except Percy. She thinks they are spoiled, careless, and poorly behaved. Hysterically (to me), Percy has won her respect and is exempt from her criticism. It's not that I don't see the character flaws when she calls my attention to them, but it amuses me to no end that she is so emotionally invested in the world of Thomas and Friends. I guess it is the only show we watch start to finish these days. I'll have to tell her I've found someone else who shares her views!

OK, so I just did tell her and she informed me quite seriously that she no longer thinks highly of Percy, but Victor has taken his place. Victor is "the only adult" and has no foibles. Her words. LOL!

CD and SP said...

Oh, but recently Victor's own hubris caused a major backup at the steamworks, causing Sir Topham Hatt's car to somehow get covered in coal ash. Very disappointing, Victor...

I get they are supposed to be mini-morality tales, but it's still annoying. Glad someone thinks the same way!