Monday, June 27, 2011

So I just deleted this hugely long post whining about what Max cannot currently do. I fell into the all-too-easy mompetition trap--comparing Max to other babes of bloggers who were born around the same time he was. It's not good for either of us. Max is an individual who will do things on his own time. So, enough of that.

We're in the thick of potty training Theo. Oh, man. Okay, it's not as bad as I thought it would be, but not as good, either. What was I expecting? Ummm..maybe I didn't think through what a poop in underpants would be like. Or, cleaning pee off of the family room rug. Yeah. Gross. But...he is definitely getting better at "recognizing the feeling," as his Sesame Street potty chart that we read every single time we go into the bathroom says. Sigh. Hopefully we'll just get the whole deal over with shortly.

Now, boys, boys, boys...
With an ever-present truck

Earning his gymnastics medal

Max loves Sophie



Laura said...

Well I'm glad you deleted the post about what Max can't do because I was amazed at all that he COULD do on Saturday! I kept looking at him and getting excited for what we could expect from Charlie. Yay Max! Miss you guys.

Schroedinger said...

They are both gorgeous! I know how easy it is to fall into that trap (and the fluttery feeling I get whenever someone starts talking percentiles.) Good to recognize it and fight it. Your boys are perfect!

metalstork said...

gorgeous boys! they sure are growing up so fast and i'm sure max is just where he needs to be. good luck potty-training!

DS said...

Adler loves Sophie too! So very cute, those boys of yours.