Thursday, July 26, 2007

#12, Down the Hatch!

The spermies are safely inside and hopefully running full-speed at S.'s egg right about now. #12 is behind us and in front of us all at the same time. To celebrate this momentus occasion we...cleaned S.'s mom's house.

We started a tiny little side "business" of cleaning houses over the summer, since neither of us could score summer school jobs, and we're broke teachers. This is perfect for us because we're relatively clean people, and I make a lot of cleaning stuff and/or use "earth friendly" products, which I think people are starting to appreciate these days. Besides S.'s mom's house, we're doing a family friend's home tomorrow. Even if it's just a little bit extra, it's nice to tuck away for some future summer fun. It at least takes our mind off the tww, if just for a little bit of time.

The other thing we're busy doing to bide our time is re-read every single Harry Potter book. S. is already halfway through #4, me through #3, and we just started Monday! We are crazed. We wanted to fully enjoy and appreciate #7. I'm sure others may think we are nuts, but those in the know, of course, know!


vee said...

What a good idea! It must be really satisfying to leave everything spick and span, and not stick around to watch it get messy again.

Good luck with #12. Hope those 2 weeks fly by.

SaraS-P said...

Go, spermies, go!

I totally understand the desire to reread all the HP books.

When I was standing in line to pick up my copy at the midnight release, I noticed the guy next to me was frantically finishing the last chapter of Book 6. I wish I would've had the time to do it that way!

Sara said...

go spermies go!! it's not too late to spend this TWW doing a meme!

Lo said...

We're praying on the spermies!!

Melissa said...

You have more will power than I do. I tore through book 7 last weekend right when I got it.

Sending positive swimming and sticking vibes your way.

Co said...

Fingers crossed for this try.

Lo reread a lot of the HP books in prep for Book 7, too. Not all though.

Elizabeth said...

Good luck with the spermies!

I've been rereading all the HP books, kind of in order. I listened to #6 (love books on tape! love!), then reread #5, then decided to listen to #1, 2, 3, and perhaps #4. I'm currently waiting for #3 from the library. Oh, and of course I read #7, then flipped to the front and started reading it again. Okay, so completely out of order, but it seemed to make sense while I did it. I have a very flexible concept of order, that's all.