Friday, August 24, 2007

Didn't I Just Write This Post?

I feel like I just wrote this exact same post, but here I am, a month later, happy to report that we have successfully (in a matter of speaking) executed our 13th insemination. It was pain-free, I am happy to report, with a super-awesome-wonderful nurse who, if we proceed on to IVF, we will be working with closely.

And on the IVF topic...we went to the two-hour overview our hospital requires us to go to in order to even begin considering IVF. Let's just say that it wasn't a complete waste of time, but there wasn't anything they told us that a.) we didn't already know or b.) we could have learned through looking through the IVF information binder. I don't mean to be cocky, but we've been ttcing for a year and a half--we know what happens in the body when it gets ready to ovulate, we know what a basal body temp is, we know what trigger shots and FSH do...but! Oh, a big but...there were 15 couples in this room (we the only homo couple), and only 3 of them, including us, had ever even done a basal body temperature reading. Also, only 3 of us have ever done an OPK. Ummmm..hello people..and you're already jumping to IVF??? I've said it before and I will say it again..sometimes, straight women just astound me with their stupidity about their bodies. UGH!!

(Sorry, straight women readers of this blog, but COME ON!!!! If you have infertility issues, how could you have never done any of these things before assuming you need IVF to get pregnant?? It just seems careless to me.)

Okay, that rant is over. SO! Here we are in our 13th tww. We have very good feelings about this, since we know for sure S. had at least 2 good sized follies, possibly even 3. We hope this is it because next stop on the ttc train is IVF-ville.


Co said...

Fingers crossed for you this TWW.

Yeah, my straight friends' aversion to temping and OPKs was really annoying to me. And the fact that people would jump to IVF so uninformed is even more annoying.

A said...

Here's hoping this one is your train stop!!

vee said...

Fingers crossed that that train leaves you standing at the station!

In the UK they generally won't let you jump to IVF (we were told 10 IUI's, the first 3 drug free, before they let you get a sniff at it, unless you are donating eggs or there is a medical reason for it) and they help those too unbothered to temp or OKP by giving them daily blood tests. Maybe that's in the hope that it'll inconvenience them into doing it for themselves?

tbean said...

Sending you all my hope and baby dust.

L said...

Let's go, Team S&C!

Just as a devil's advocate, I think straight couples might be less educated about body temps and things because all they have to do is TELL their doc that they've been "trying unsuccessfully" for a year, before they get coverage for IVF. That could range from tracking ovulation like a banshee to just doin' it a few times a week. Also, maybe the women have some sort of condition that's already been diagnosed where they know they won't be able to conceive naturally.

Of course, I am a straight woman who will be much more informed when we start trying thanks to having friends like you!

Sara said...

keeping our fingers crossed!