Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Getting Clinical

We toured the Big Hospital today, the one our R.E. practice resides in. It was--a very big hospital! It felt more like a hospital than the other one we've looked at. The rooms were not as nice or spacious, it felt brighter and a big scrungier, and just had that overly-busy, rushed feeling. Not ideal for us for giving birth. Of course, the huge advantage is the NICU should S. indeed go into pre-term labor, or something else that we don't like thinking about. Going with Big Hospital means going with Big Midwife Practice, too, since they're in the same building and obviously deliver there.

It's a lot to think about, but I think we'll have our minds made up by tomorrow, when we interview the midwives from the other hospital. I have a good feeling about them--glowing reviews, a sort of local-celebrity midwife who basically started insemming lesbians in this area 20 years ago, and strong recommendations from local bloggers makes them sound very appealing. Hopefully they live up to all the hype so the decision is made for us.

Oh, and the weather outside here is frightful--S. had a snow day on Monday, but I had merely a delay. My commute was awful and slippery anyway, though!


Jude said...

I just want to put out an alternate shout out for Franklin Medical Center and the midwives at Pioneer Women's Health in Greenfield. I LOVE THEM. There are not enough words for how much I love them. In fact, I just went last night for my annual and stayed there for an hour!

But it's probably way out of your way. But I LOVE THEM!

Sara said...

good luck with the decision!

Marcy "meg" said...

Good luck!

We are finally joining you in the pregnancy world :) :)

Amanda said...

Go with your gut - don't be pressured by any fear of what "might" happen....
Choose what feels best and most organic for both of you.

best of luck - it is a big decision, and I know that you will make an excellent choice for your family.

Laura said...

Totally off subject: Mike applied for jobs at Smith, UMass, and Westfield State, this week! Who knows...we could be neighbors!