Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Love to Hate Her

S. and I watched the Grammy's for the first time in probably about 4 or 5 years on Sunday. I stopped watching the Grammy's mainly because I honestly didn't know who any of the nominees were anymore, since I don't really listen to the regular radio (a lot of podcasts, though, and internet radio, where there's more freedom to play more interesting things). The 50th Anniversary show promised to be packed with performances, and it really was--I think we saw like, five awards actually given out on-air. We eagerly stayed up for the much-anticipated Amy Winehouse satellite performance. As creepy as she is for real, I love her music: the beat, the style, and her unique voice. I think she is a piece of druggie trash, however, who obviously needs a lot of help. It makes me feel sad since she is actually so beautiful and talented. If you G*ogle her, you'll see a few examples of what she looked like before she became..whatever it is that she is now. At any rate, I ended up being pretty pleased with this year's Grammy's--an unusual Album of the Year winner (Herbie Hancock) and Winehouse with a few wins as well. Here's hoping rehab actually works this time for her!

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