Thursday, June 26, 2008


carseat installed
prize organic mattress in crib
doula in new england

nursery finished
birth books read
(Birth Partner, Sear's Birth Book, The Thinking Woman's Guide...anything I'm missing?)
"house" to do list complete(still a few outside/garden things...)
co-sleeper set up
cloth diapers washed and ready (and a pack of 7th generations to start)
going home outfit bought (so cute - I love babies in white)
bag packed - tonight! tonight!
evening primrose oil bought (not using just yet - the 80 year old man in me is dying to hear Prairie Home Companion on Saturday night at Tanglewood)
birth plan written
vinyl shower curtain on bed (just in case)
JOB KEPT! So, my district is in terrible financial trouble and anyone under 3 years in the district got pink slipped last week. Mind you, I have taught for 10 years. Just not here. Everyone kept saying it was a formality - but as the council meeting dragged out over the last few days, it really looked dismal. Tonight, with a $200,000 cut and not a $400,000 cut the superintendent says we will be called back. Thank goodness. Besides, you know, the money, I really love my job and my school in particular. It's a big relief. I know most people recognize this, but public school teachers are shat-upon. It's sick that in the two years I've worked here, my job has been threatened twice and probably will be again next year. All for a measly salary. But we do it for the children. :) gag.


Heather said...

I'm happy that you got to keep your job..public school teachers do get shat upon, and it sucks! I guess that comes with any job..someone has to get shat on, right? haha

I'm excited that the baby is so close, you girls must be totally excited. I can't wait to read that your going in & the baby is coming out!!

J said...

I can't believe its almost time. You guys have done such a great job!
Congrats on keeping the job. I was so glad when I got tenure this year. Hopefully I will be safe for a while.

giggleblue said...

i'm happy the "eliminations" weren't as bad as expected. who needs that stress in their life??

i can't believe it's almost time! i'm getting excited. it's going to be another baby added to the punch, and i look forward to reading all about it!

Laura said...

Yay! I'm so glad that the job is safe. I might have job news, too, in a few days. Stay tuned...

Liz said...

I'm thinking about you two pretty much constantly these days...happy baby birthing thoughts (if these really do exist)...yikes! Is it really almost that time?!? Much much love to you both - so excited!!

beans said...

Glad to hear about the job. DP was laid off last year and you are rihgt, they really are treated poorly.

Good luck with everyhting. You have both been working very hard and I am excited to be on the journey wiht you-even if only through blogger!!

sarah p said...

congrats on the good news about the job. i'm checking your blog a lot lately- so happy and excited for the baby's debut!

jessie said...

So soon!

And GREAT news about the job!

oneofhismoms said...

"From the Hips" is my fave preggo book. It has a great post-partum section, too. So you might want to invest, even this late in the game.

Uh. I packed my bag, but the co-sleeper is still at my friend's house.

Let's tell our babies to have the same birthday!

Oh, and yay on the job front. Sorry you had to sweat about it.

Angela said...

Home stretch now. My wife and I are going to TTC in the Fall so we have been reading your blog. We are in Mass too just down the way. Look forward to the next two weeks for you. Best of luck.

Melody said...

Just thinking of you guys. I hope you're having a restful last couple of weeks.

Faith said...

i'm glad i haven't missed the big announcement yet - i have been a bad blog reader lately. but you can betcha i'll be back every day to check...

much love to you both and happy happy thoughts for baby!