Friday, June 06, 2008

Where do I put it all?

My mom threw us a family shower last weekend. As nervous and distressed as I was over the whole thing, I have to admit, it went quite well and wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it might be. It helped to have my cousin's 2-year old there for comic relief and to take the spotlight away from me. She kept asking if my baby was coming today and I replied that "No, it's still busy growing in my belly. It's not ready to come out yet." Response? "How'd you eat that?" :) She's a firecracker that one.
I was surprised how well people were able to get the "gist" of "us" by looking at our registry. We're picky, we know that...and don't really make excuses for it. We like what we like. People were thoughtful and generous with gifts. My cousin gave us a whole cloth diapering kit, even though she would never consider using them herself. Another cousin's wife gave us a basket with a food mill and organic kids cookbook, glass dish and spoons etc. It really made me feel respected and loved. On the flip side (very few of these,) if you're not going to put thought into a gift...why would you shop and not use the registry? No - diaper genies are not good for cloth diapers. I pledge to always follow the registry...people register because it's what they want - I get it now!

On another note...I crossed the line from shiny happy pregnant to tired achy angry pregnant. The baby is sitting on my sciatic nerve, making it difficult to walk, nevermind keep up with first graders - I can do anything for 8 1/2 more days!!!!


luckdragon said...

first - congrats! my fiancee and i just found your blog. :o)

second - i'm in massage therapy school, and while not pregnant, i also have sciatic nerve probs. the thing that seems to help most is stretching the piriformis muscle (if it's tight, it can pinch the sciatic nerve)...if you can stand to be flat on your back for a minute or so: lie flat on the floor; bend both knees and put feet flat on floor; cross your right ankle over your left knee (like a guy), and use your hands to pull your left knee toward you until you feel the stretch at the bottom of your butt. if you can't reach the knee, have someone gently push it toward you until you feel the stretch.(i've done it in full ice hockey goalie equipment so you might be ok lol.) repeat with your left ankle across your right knee. hope it helps!

Heather said...

I'm glad that the babyshower went well, it's alaways sketchy with tons of family members around... time is flying, I hope that youre feeling better with your sciatic nerve problems :)

giggleblue said...

i feel you about the non-registry gifts! when dp and i got unionize, we got some shit we really didn't ask for.

but so long as they bring the gift receipt with them, it's all game!

i am happy that you got some things you really wanted though, and it was nice for others to honor your wishes with the cloth diapers!

Melody said...

8 1/2 days?! Wow! That went fast!

beans said...

I think it is so funny that your floating baby says it's getting fat!!

I can' believe it's only 4 weeks left!!

Sara said...

You're getting so close! Hang in there!