Monday, August 04, 2008

Rise n' Shine, Campers!

Today our darling dog Ringo decided he'd love to try one of Theo's poopie diapers. Ugh is just about all I can say about that. Did I mention Ringo is a white dog? Double ugh.

All this diaper tearing ensued while we were out of the house this morning. We did what I am fairly certain is a complete and total lesbian first: we are very likely the first lesbian couple to travel 45 minutes to a lactation consultant who also happens to be the nurse for a Catholic summer camp for two weeks. She's really good, obviously, and she didn't have a problem with us coming up there this morning, so we rose early, woke up Theo, and headed out the door around 7 a.m. to meet her at 8 at the camp. It felt a little weird being the lesbian breastfeeding couple in the nurse's sleeping quarters at the Catholic camp, but the lactation consultant didn't seem to care, so we eased up eventually, too, and just let her give us her wonderful guidance and advice.

She thinks Theo's latch is not quite right yet. We did a LOT of work on it this morning, and all day long. Hopefully he's getting it and getting more milk so S. can make more milk. Whew. Still hard, but maybe we at least have a cause now of the low supply. We weigh in again on Friday. It feels so far away!


Anonymous said...

Have I mentioned that I LOVE lactation consultants? I think you guys are going to get it right and Theo's going to be a chunkmiester quite soon.

Ummm, and that dog eating the diaper thing? It pretty much explains why I'm a cat person.

Dange said...

That's a bad day but at least the LC went well. Would love to hear your account of the birth story?

ButchMommyDaddy-Something said...

We freaked out the first time that our dog ate a poopy diaper. Did you notice that I said first time, we are slow learners. We use disposables & were totally worried that the diaper stuff (gel, beads, something weird) would cause internal damage - good news is dog is fine (& continued to have a taste for diapers) - finally we did get a pricier diaper pail that keeps the dog out.