Monday, September 15, 2008

These are the handknit/sewn/crocheted gifts we've received for Theo. It seems they deserved a special place in the blog. As knitters, we know just how much works goes into a blanket or sweater. 
The grey and tan blankets were crocheted by mom, the pinkish one by my good MHC friend, Liz. The tan sweater was crocheted by my mom (because who doesn't need a sweater to match your blanket). The off-white one by my cousin, new to knitting.  And the grey one was knit by Stacey (our doula) to match her boyfriends sweater. I can't wait to see them together this fall. The quilt on the crib was also made by Stacey. She's amazing, huh? Knitting, sewing, AND catching babies. The bumpers on the crib were sewn by C.'s mom, a very talented seamstress. Below is Theo in a handknit bib by another MHC friend. 
And there you go...home grown love for little Theo. 


giggleblue said...

all of it is sooo very cute!

ladiesinwaiting said...

How is it that went to Holyoke and wound up with absolutely no needlework skills? No crocheting, no knitting, no nothing.

He's adorable and so are his threads.

Anonymous said...

Are you both MHC grads? What year?


Melody said...

Absolutely beautiful-- all of it, particularly the little grey sweater. Love it!