Thursday, September 11, 2008

Well, it's that day again. On that day, I was certainly not thinking that seven years in the future I would be married and have a child and not live in NYC anymore. But here I am. I'm not going to talk about this day. There's plenty said by others and more eloquently. I'll only quietly reflect like many of you are doing, I'm sure. One thing I will say though--it scares me slightly that my son was born under this event's shadow. And I can only hope his generation gets us out from underneath it.

Back to business now--Theo still screams. A lot. There are bad days and then there are slightly better days. Tuesday he scre
amed so much that the poor kid is actually starting to lose his voice. Growth spurt? Tummy ache? We really don't even know where to begin, so I'm throwing in the towel and bringing him to the doctor tomorrow morning. I'm not an over-reactive medical type of person--but when a baby does nothing but scream, even after eating, even I know something is kind of wrong.

But he is growing--and how! Here's a rare glimpse at Theo smiling, then fascinated with his favorite new friend--the black and white dog we like to call Bingo. Yes, we broke down and bought one of th
ose crazy florescent play mats with the dangly things. He just loves them, so what can we do but acquiesce?


stacey said...

Gad! I barely recognize him with such a friendly expression. What have you done with surly baby I adore (probably because that attitude he reminds me of Pete :))?

Anonymous said...

He's so cuddly! Sigh...

Re: your first paragraph - I never thought the same thing except I'm still waiting on my baby.

Anonymous said...

About the screaming? I know. I know it so well. Or at least the helpless feeling of having an unhappy kid. When we would explain to Ribbit's ped about all the screaming, I think a part of me actually hoped that she would find something wrong. Because, you know, that'd EXPLAIN it. Alas, Ribbit's just a colicky kid. If Theo is indeed the same way, I tell you: THERE IS HOPE. Just hang in there & slowly, but surely, the screaming will subside (our experience thus far is that it doesn't completely go away, but the reprieve is just SO wonderful that it makes up for any screaming that does happen). It's hard to parent the "high needs" or "spirited" child. But there are rewards! Sorry for the novella; just wanted you to know that you guys aren't alone in such a situation.

Lo said...

Oh, he is so cute!!!

Rosany said...

My son sounded exactly like yours and at 9 weeks I could not take it anymore and took him to the pediatrician. AFter I described everything, especially the screaming after feeds he diagnosed him with Reflux and put him on meds. Slowly but surely it got better and today at 6 months he is a joy to have around. I know how hard it must be for you right now. I kept telling my partner in the beginning that I was going to contact the anonymous sperm donor from the sperm bank and give him back to him!!!

ladiesinwaiting said...

I think that, when we finally get us these babies, they should be easy. Especially hard-won babies like Theo.

Dear Theo,

Your Mamas worked very hard to get you and they love you more than anything. Please be quiet now. At least occasionally.


The Ladies in Waiting

beans said...

oh, i was thinking reflux as well.

gorgeous baby! nice job ladies!!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, you probably don't remember me, but I am a good friend of Liz Wiesner's and she gave me the link to your blog to look at your birth story because she thought it was so great! Anyway, I have 2 kids, and my 2nd screamed all of the time so I couldn't help but my add what worked for us. First of all, it sounds like he definitely has acid reflux which can be treated with Zantac or Prevacid. Doctors will feel obligated to have you start with Zantac, but I would ask to go straight to Prevacid--as Zantac does not usually work and it takes a couple of weeks to determine this. Also, chiropractic, which most Pediatricians would tell you not to do, but have unbelievable effects on the baby's sleep and temprament. Sarah Gortenburg