Saturday, August 22, 2009

So, where was I?

Remember I said in my last post that I was "getting my body ready for try #2"? Yes. Well. We spent the last few days in NYC eating up a storm. Please, allow me to reveal to you my oh-so healthy diet over the past 4 days.

Bagels and cream cheese x3
Coffees (I at least made them decaf!)
Goat cheese & leek crepe

Pork soup dumplings, scallion pancakes, hot & sour soup
Leftover Indian food
Turkey sandwich with nitrate-laden lunch meat

Lamb sandwich & fries
Chicken sandwich & fries
Indian food
Dagwood sandwiches & grilled corn

Grilled peaches & vanilla ice cream
Rice pudding
Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia bar

Yeah. I know some very health-conscious and wicked awesome people are chronicling their adventures in smoothy-and juicy-ness right now, and I am jealous. Like, maybe I should be doing what they're doing, making my body a baby-making temple and all that. But whenever we go back to visit NYC, our visits center on all the awesome food we can only get there and NEED to eat and that doesn't exist in Western Mass. So, now that I've gotten all that out of my system, I am vowing to eat either from my garden, Trader Joe's, or the farmer's market. Any other suggestions for getting me fertile and squeaky-clean?


Anonymous said...

oh darlings, don't think i'm too healthy! i just bought nina planck's new book ( and am making my grocery list for the week full of all kinds of beautiful animal fats. i think your meals sound divine.

i'm so sorry to hear of the difficulties you've been through of late and am sending all my love your way.


Laurie said...

Maybe we can meet up the next time you guys are in NYC! We live on Long Island and would gladly travel into the city for some good eats :)

stacey said...

you forgot to mention veggies and dip, the potato chips on the beach, and the beers at lic bar. kidding

no feeling guilty. happy moms make happy babies.

tbean said...

Belatedly condolences for your early loss. I'm happy to hear you are trying again. Keep us posted, will ya?!