Sunday, October 04, 2009

In the Still of the Night

After a day of fireworks down there on Friday, there has been much stillness in the ute. Of course, as I am typing this, I'm beginning to feel a mild something-or-other down there begin, but all weekend, it was pretty darn quiet. I think the time for implantation has passed, so I'm really hoping the the yo-yos decided to snuggle on down into my lovely triple-layer lining.

I keep thinking of what I will think about myself if this transfer doesn't do the job. Will it mean I am truly infertile, and there is something seriously wrong with me? Because think about it. I have now had 4 perfectly perfect, healthy embryos transferred into my body. I know it's only twice, but seriously---how could it not work if my reproductive system was working the way it is supposed to? S. got pregnant with one embryo, one time. (Yes, granted, this was after 14 failed insems, but still--the embryo went in, and Theo came out.)

I need to stop thinking about what a failure my uterus is because, really, hello, I am only halfway through the tww. I don't test until next Sunday. That's like, an entire week! So I am thinking winning thoughts, jobs well done. No symptoms be damned--stranger things have certainly happened.

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jessie said...

may this week go by swiftly!!! Fingers crossed!