Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Shoe Dilemma Solved

I am nursing a killer shoulder right now--must have slept on it wrong (really, really wrong) last night because I can't turn my neck to look left! Yes, it's that bad. Hopefully some acupuncture treatment today will start kicking in soon.

So, since I was being the human pincushion this afternoon, S. took Theo to a kid's shoe store in town. The lady was apparently won-der-ful, a true whiz at measuring baby and kid feet. Much to our surprise, our little Theo's shoe size is officially (drum roll please): 6 extra-wide. Know what size the S.R. pair we had been jamming his feet into were? A 4!! No wonder the kid could barely walk in them. It's like when you get measured for a bra for-reals and you had been wearing a 36 C but you're actually a 40 EEE or something...So, there were only two pairs of that crazy size in the store, so S. settled on a nice pair of brown leather sneaker-type Stride Rites. I think they are from their "Sensory Response Technology" line. Cute, but the downside is they are tie, not velcro (boo).

I appreciate all the suggestions. We actually love the See Kai Runs. They fit his feet great--we had some sandals of theirs he wore all summer long. For some reason, though, we could not find any we really liked in our neck of the woods. Plus, I think he really needed his feet measured.

So, lesson learned. Bring your fat-footed kid to a shoe store, with people who actually know what they're talking about to help. Then drop more money on his shoes than you ever wold for yourself.


Laura said...
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Laura said...

Glad the problem is solved. I actually wondered about it today, as the song "Fat-Bottom Girls" started to play in spin class!

Laurie said...

That last line is sooo true, lol. I'm glad you gals were able to solve the mystery!

Blue Pearl said...

I hope you have some good news!