Wednesday, June 02, 2010


A check-ish list of accomplishments during our long weekend:

  • 2 gardens planted
  • 3 grilled meals consumed
  • 1 birthday party attended
  • 1 13-week pregnant lady swatting away bugs that would not go away
  • 3 days of perfect weather
  • 1 lawn mowed
  • 2 friends that came to sleep over
  • 1 parade watched
  • 1 flag waved, and waved, and waved


nutella said...

Those photos are classic! Liked a littke J Crew ad :-). Soundsl ike a great long weekend. Well, except for the bugs.

Laurie said...

Love it!

Mommies Making Miracles said...

Love the last picture, that flag makes for a great hair piece! So cute!

Anonymous said...

what great photos! it sounds like your weekend was very nice :) when can we see a belly pic :)

Candi said...

great pics!!!! what a cutie pie!

beans said...

i can't believe how big he is, and how this journey has turned out for the two of you!! Thanks for sharing a piece of it with us.