Friday, June 11, 2010

Things that made my cry recently:

My hormones
Watching images of the BP oil spill
Listening to something on NPR (probably StoryCorp or something)
My wife (hey, it's the end of the year--we are super-stressed teachers right now and set each other off easily these days.)

Things that are getting cooler:

Maternity pants - no more zippers for a while
Feeling the baby - and S.'s super-sensitive hands feeling her/him, too
Deciding whether to find out sex - what do you guys think? We didn't with Theo, and S. is dying to find out. Every day I flip-flop between it being a boy or a girl. I'll be surprised either way.
The end of the year - one-half day of classes left, 4 days of final, 2 days of "professional development", then freedom to breath easy for a while.



Melissa said...

I vote for not finding out :) I loved not knowing that Jack was a boy until he was born. I also loved that it was Amy who told me that it was a boy when he was born!

Jennifer said...

I vote for finding out and I will make a suggestions that I keep making to expecting couples and yet no one has done! : ) I say, go in for the sonogram; have the sonogram tech write down the sex on a piece of paper and then, later, outside of the sterile doctor's office, open the paper together, perhaps having Theo open it for you, this making him a part of it. Or maybe over an end-of-year date night dinner. Or at a favorite location. Someplace memorable, so you can tell the baby some day "We remember when we found out you were a _____."

I'm betting it's a girl!!

We need to plan a play date this summer!

Sara I said...

I am glad I found out that N. was a boy before hand, and I enjoyed being surprised with L. I did find it easy to nest with N. knowing I could recycle all of L.'s clothes. This is truly one of those decisions where there is no right answer. Just do what your gut tells you.

H2 said...

I vote for finding out...if only for financial/planning reasons. I really enjoy following your story. My partner and I are just beginning this babymaking journey and I need all the encouragement I can get!! Good luck!

nutella said...

School's almost out, yay!!

Finding out the sex is a big deal, I can see the reasons behind either point of view, but personally, I REALLY wanted to know. Part of this is because we knew we were going to have an only child and we wanted to be able to rejoice in what we were having and mourn what we were not having before the actual arrival.

jessie said...

don't find out!

CJ said...

We're opting to find out. I don't care either way, but I like to KNOW what's going on....but I'm sure he/she will cross his/her legs just to make me wait!!