Tuesday, May 22, 2007

S.S. to the Rescue!

For the first time in a looong time, S. had a relatively painless insemination. Fairly easy going in (though the curve of her cervix always trips up that catheter!), and...NO CRAMPING afterwards. We were shocked. We each took the whole day off of school to allow S. to recover and me to attend to her, but she ended up being just a little bit sleepy and pretty much fine. We're attributing this to our new sperm sample, who we like to call "Super Sperm" (or S.S.). He can do everything--including be nice to S.'s uterus. So we are starting off on a great foot, I think.

Though S. thinks it's all b*llsh*t, the nurse told us today it's not the quantity of follicles, but the quality the injectible meds can produce--which you fine folks out there have sort of been telling us all along. I bought it--I just hope S.'s uterus bought it, too.


Co said...

Glad S. had a good IUI experience. And hooray for Super Sperm.

Fingers crossing for you gals.

vee said...

Go Go Super Sperm!

e. said...

so happy about the painless iui! A new sperm donor can work wonders!

Crossing everything for you and hoping this is your magical cycle!!!

Holly said...

Were keeping our fingers crossed!

Co said...

For the record, S. has every right to think the stuff about quality eggs is bulls**t.

I do think Clomid or injectibles can help *some women* produce better quality eggs, but it doesn't work for everyone. I was lucky enough to have a successful injectibles IUI, but I know other women for whom those weren't successful. S. has a right to feel however she feels about it.

But I am so hoping this is the ONE for you guys.

amy said...

i'm totally a believer! i have PCOS and did injectibles. i wound up with only 1 follicle big enough and was pissed when it came time to inseminate. low and behold i have a beautiful daughter to show for the 1 folly. i was always a believer that more was better but i have definitely changed that thinking and as we venture down the path for #2, am hoping for 1 good looking folly rather than many. good luck to you guys!