Thursday, May 03, 2007


I've noticed (my research being the million blogs I read) that some women LOVE to pee-on-a-stick and others hold off as long as they can. I am of the latter group. I will wait wait wait and just hold out hope for as long as I can. And that's a long time because the prometrium bullets I'm taking hold off my period - so I have to test. Other women start on 10dpo, testing each day until the positive or until the period comes. I couldn't stand that daily disapointment.

So here I am, 13 dpiui, and I haven't yet tested. And I don't plan on testing tomorrow. I just can't do it and then go to work with young children. Bad for the psyche. Sometime over the weekend, I promise.



vee said...

Yep - I'm in that club too. No hoo-hah bullets, so no held-off period, and I've yet to pee on that kind of stick because the red bitch always beats me to it.
Hoping you have a really great weekend, if you catch my drift!

Estelle said...

We didn't due it until a day before her period was due, and only then because she insisted that she was pg and the stick wasn't going to tell us anything she didn't already know.
She was right.

I imagine that next time, it'll be the same. If she thinks she's pg, we'll tell the day before it's due. If not, we wait for the blood.

Sara said...

I wish I could hold off! I need to test constantly for the BFNs so that my high hopes don't get too out of whack.

I'm sending you lots of good thoughts that this is it, this is the month, and you will see that BFP. Have a great weekend!

SaraS-P said...

Good for you. I am a pee stick addict, even though I know it is not good and I always tell myself this month I'll wait!

Co said...

I almost always waited. Twice, I caved and tested at 11DPO and hated that I'd done that afterward. That's my personality though. I like to keep the hope alive.

I hope this is the ONE for you. Test or no test.

Lo said...

But do you pee on sticks alone? Do you have to pee on a stick first thing in the morning? Do you find yourself struggling to stop peeing on sticks?