Sunday, January 24, 2010


I am self-medicating the way I learned it watching S. get multiple IUIs and me prepare my body for the 2 embryo transfers we did last year. After most of S.'s IUIs, she was given prometrium supplements to bulk up her lining and prevent an early lining loss, which may trigger miscarraige.

Me, I have a ridiculously short luteal phase--we're talking 10 days at best, and I've even had it as low as 7 or 8 days. I am so paranoid that, should this insemination have actually worked, that the pregnancy won't take or last because I ovulated so late in my cycle (CD 19 was the insem and I think I ovulated that afternoon/night).

One would think my cycle length would be commensurate with my late ovulation, but it's normal - 28 to 29 days, leaving me this month, best case scenario, with a 10 day luteal phase. Not long enough for my comfort.

Since we did the IUI Friday afternoon, there was no one in the office to talk to, so I am planning on giving them a call tomorrow just to check and make sure it's okay. I kind of feel like it's in the "can't hurt-might help" category--I just want to make sure I'm not taking too much.
Returning the blasted tank tomorrow via FedEx. Always a joy to see the look on the FedEx worker's face when picking up and returning a large box labeled "Biological Shipper."

Did we mention how sick Theo is AGAIN? What the heck. Ear infection, on antibiotics. Had a high fever for a few days and a snotty nose and coughy chest. Poor bug, but he is finally on the mend.


Candi said...

Hope that the little one gets better soon!!!

And I hope the best for this shot!!

Schroedinger said...

I hope this one works, and that your paranoia is unfounded!

I thought about you two over the weekend because Speedy & I are thinking about moving to your area in a couple of years, ditching the treadmill of work-pay mortgage-work in the city and moving somewhere that she can have a horse and I can get a goat (which are not as cool as monkeys, but much easier to keep.)

CD and SP said...

we really want goats, but i'm afraid of horses. western mass is great. you'll still get a little bit of that cultcha that you ove in nyc, but lots and lots of country goodness.

Miss jane said...