Friday, January 01, 2010


So, I've been told several times in the last 24 hours that it is not, in fact, the turn of the decade. Who cares. It feels like it, so that's what I'm believing in.

At the very least, I will indulge in more reminiscing by reviewing the highs and lows of 2009, to put them behind me in anticipation of the New Year and hopeful Good New Stuff in Our Lives.

HIGHLIGHTS (Theo-related stuff):

Seeing Theo turn 1. Holy crap. My kid went from an infant to a baby-toddler who walks, talks, and feeds himself.

Beaching it up in RI.

Stumbling around the yard during our gorgeous New England fall.

Experiencing the wonder and joy of Christmas.

Additional highs: us becoming a "Mac" (sorta) family with the purchase of a M@cBook and a Touch (yes this is exciting, dammit!); family beach vacation; S. feeling like a seriously rocking teacher; an actual brand new, purchased appliance in the form of a new washer/dryer pair, making us feel oh-so grown up.


Yes, there are always lowlights. This year was particularly hard on our family, as we lost S.'s grandmother, my grandfather, and our family dog, Ringo in about a 4-month span of time. The holidays this year were especially tough as we felt the absence of their presences at our holiday tables (and under it, in Ringo's case).

Ringo nuzzling a 3-month-old Theo

We thought were were ready for a new dog, but when we went to look at some shelter dogs, we realized that, while our hearts went out to these homeless animals, they weren't ready to be opened wide all the way to be let in. The space is still occupied. I think we also realized that at Theo's age, a new pet is probably not idea. When Theo turns 4 or 5, and he can be involved in all the day-to-day parts of having a new dog, it will be time. Other lowlights: being pregnant for like, a week, then being not-not-not pregnant and my body having to deal with the consequences of that. We are reading to head into the next year with our hearts and my body fully invested in taking ttc seriously as we try to give Theo a sibling.

I already wished you all warmest New Year's wishes, but once again, may you eat well, love well, and be well in 2010.


Anonymous said...
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The Nanny said...

He is just so adorable. I'm hoping your 2010 is just amazing (longtime lurker here!) :)