Friday, February 26, 2010

Mental Health Day

Sorry, this is very annoying to some people, but I had to turn my comment moderation on. I was getting super-weird messages from super-weird places. You know what I mean. So if it takes a day or two for your comments to pop up, please do not be offended! I don't always check my e-mail daily (crazy, I know).

Babysitter's daughter has strep, so Theo's home with me today. I needed a mental health day anyway. Did anyone else have a horrible week?? The weather is just compounding the misery. The planets are definitely aligned in some wacky, wacky way. Hoping next week is better.

Oh - and it's CD2. This confirms it - I have a ridiculously short luteal phase. Since I am 99% sure I ovulated between CD 13 and 14, that would have made my luteal phase for my last cycle 8 days long. 8 days! That is insanity. Progesterone after this month's insem for sure, and if we get a BFN, perhaps onto some Cl@mid? I know it's worked miracles for many of you.

Have a great weekend. If it's snowing where you are - ENJOY IT! Our snow storm this week was a bust, blowing forth drippy, wet snow that turned into 4 inches of slush on our gravel driveway which then turned into pouring rain. Spring, are you around the corner somewhere?


jessie said...

This week was awful. Glad you got a mental health day

Candi said...

its good for restful days..

and i want spring too!!! i want this slush crud to go away!

i understand about the moderation too. i have it also, i was getting those weird messages too.

Sara said...

sorry about the BFN. Hoping next cycle is successful!

WindDrop said...

That is a really short LP. Most DR/RE try and treat it with Clomid/Femara and possibly progesterone. But you may also want to look into a B Complex vitamin. Many women with Luteal Phase Defect have a lot of luck in lengthening their LP. With a short LP many different things could be going on in your body from the corpus luteum failing to your lining not reacting to the increase in progesterone. GL!

Schroedinger said...

Hi, I just wanted to apologize for my absence; somehow your blog fell off my blogroll when I reorganized. Not personal, I promise! Now I have lots of catching up to do.

Miss jane said...