Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When it rains..

Remember that "I'm on vacation and relaxing, damnit!" attitude I had last Thursday? Oh, how things change so quickly.

WARNING: there is lots of what is likely to be interpreted as "whining" in this post. At least, that's what S. would call it. I just call it "talking." But you've been warned either way.

So, where to start. Let's start at the very beginning.

During our weekend trip to Martha's Vineyard, Theo fell off a set of stage stairs flat on his face and got a HUGE shiner on his cute-as-a-button nose. When we returned Sunday, we noticed two incredibly huge and hard lumps on either side of his nose. We thought he may have broken it, so today we got a last-minute appointment with our ped. who does not think it is broken, bruised, or fractured. We totally disagree with her. His nose did NOT have those weird bumps before he fell face-first onto the floor. Grr.

Then, on the way to Theo's gymnastics class on Monday, I drove into a nasty pothole (damn freeze-thaw cycles!) while driving S.'s car. Immediately after, the steering wheel started shaking. I took it in today to get looked at. Diagnosis: a bent wheel. Cost of repair: $200. Yay.

I then find out my grandmother had triple-bypass surgery yesterday, only my mother neglected to call and tell me and now I look like a horrible daughter for not calling her yesterday to see how things went. I think I fixed that mistake and will travel two hours on Friday or Saturday to see my grandmother once she's out of the ICU.

Oh, and the best one yet...I ovulated. And our sperm wasn't supposed to arrive until tomorrow.

Let me explain that I don't usually get a peak reading on my monitor or opks until around days 17-19. I got a peak on my monitor day 13, and by day 14, my follicle was gone. I went in for an ultrasound this morning, and there was nothing left but fluid. That ship sailed sometime last night. And us, sperm-less, could do nothing about it except respectfully bow out of this cycle.

It also snowed yesterday, so I got up at 5:00 this morning to shovel and snowblow to get out of the driveway to make it to my u/s appointment.

Okay, I'm done bitching now. Our bffs are coming back around this way for a visit the rest of the week so we can have some actual fun.

Whining over.


CD and SP said...

it's a bust.

CD and SP said...

you didn't even whine about the restaurant being closed, Homego0ds missing just one towel we needed, me making you paint and redecorate our bathroom so we look like adults, and your tire is deflating again. And, oh yeah, I haven't even given you your valentine card yet.
Love ya. -s

Jennifer said...

Does your mom know my mom?! That is a play pulled straight out of my mom's playbook. And the nose thing: Why are broken bones NOT easy to identify? I mean, there should be no doubt if something is broken or not, right??!! What a sh*tty week. The only thing I can say is that the next week HAS to be better. I think we are all ready for a little spring.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I'm sorry for the pouring. I absolutely hate the feeling of missing ovulation - it feels so unfair. I hope things turn around soon.

jessie said...

whine away! that's a whole lotta shitty stuff :( hugs

Naomi said...

It didn't poured!! Sorry for a shitty week and the missed ovulation (that stinks)! And I agree with Jennifer that next week can only get better right?! Sending you sunshine for the rest of the week and weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I've decided it better to introduce myself rather than stalk your page silently. Please, go read the introduction I've put on my blog. Have a great day! -Mel