Monday, April 19, 2010

I DO NOT KNOW how people in New York City do it--two mammas, one 30+ pound baby boy, a 16 lb. stroller, and probably miles of walking later...we are tre pooped and DONE with walking around the city for the day. We checked out Times Square yesterday just to show Theo the Times Square Toys R'Us (it was a love/hate relationship, as you'll see in the pictures below). Today we walked up and down the High Line, down through the West Village, through Washington Square Park, down Broadway to Chinatown, ate lunch there and then hopped on the train up to Tiffany's and then walked down to Herald Square where the H&M has, apparently, the best maternity tank tops ever (NYC women take note!). Whew. Back home tomorrow night or Wed. afternoon to veg out, deal with garden and yard stuff, and grade a stack of papers that seems half a foot tall. Fun.

Real fun:


Melissa said...

Oh my! He really wasn't happy. But he's still very handsome :)

Zach said...

No one who actually lives in NYC tries to do that many things in one day! Whew!

giggleblue said...

oh, yeah. i dread going down town to times square and the like. it stresses me out.

i only go if i have to! and zach is right, no one does it all in one day. for most trips i leave the stroller at home, especially if it involves bus or subway travel. we sling it a lot. bug GP does love the social interaction that comes with being around sooooo many people. she talks to everyone and everyone talks back to her.

having babies in the city is interesting - have you noticed the lack of changing tables in restrooms (if you find a restroom)? yeah.... awesome. i'm scared to even attempt to potty learn. we'll have to stay close to home.

Johnson Potgoli said...

thats pretty cute baby out there