Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Approaching Two

Two years ago at this moment, S. was in labor - but the nurse and midwife had just caught on to that. Her pizza was long-gone, and labor was in full-swing. After that, things start to be blurry. In 7 hours, we would have our baby. In 7 hours, we will have our two-year-old. Whoa.




Whozat said...

Happy birthday, little man!

Happy birthing day, moms!

(And I'm loving the photo with the "modesty pup!")

Strawberry said...

Happy birthday to the little man in his birthday suit!

Mommies Making Miracles said...

Happy Birthday!! Love the 2 year old farmer tan. haha.

ohchicken said...

happy birthday, lovely theo! you are so very handsome indeed. (and i second the modesty pup love!)

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday Theo!!!