Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wow, he's really big for his age!

We hear that all the time. And now we know why: our kid is 90% larger than your kid.

Two-year stats:

Weight: 32.2 pounds - 90th percentile

Height: 35 inches - 70-80th percentile

Head: don't remember, but in a normal size range - 50-60th percentile

Big boy. So much to love, sometimes his cloth diapers come flying off his substantial buttocks. I am not joking. That velcro wears out fast.

Also, My Pregnancy Boobs: A Limerick

My chest size is a'creeping
Even though they aren't yet leaking.
My boobs are a'growing;
Sometimes it's the only pregnant part showing.
Bra shopping it is as their size is leaping.

I know my meter is off, but at least I have the rhyme scheme. Seriously though, are these things going to KEEP GETTING BIGGER?!


ohchicken said...

and yet...jude remains bigger than even your theo :)

have i mentioned lately just how handsome he is?

happy baby-growing!


For the Long Haul said...

Wow, that IS a big boy. He's bigger than my 4 1/2 year old (although my 4 1/2 year old is VERY small for his age...). I have always wanted a big baby so congrats on making such a healthy little dude!

And yes, your boobs will continue to get bigger. Embrace it! :)

CD and SP said...

i would love to see this jude girl in person. bigger than theo? that is very impressive!

i hope i don't birth a little dude--he will always feel inadequate next to theo. or, theo will always feel fat. or, maybe i'm projecting girl body insecurities onto my sons already. jeesh.