Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Theo is a two-year-old, as evidenced by videos and pictures and other proofs that yes, he-is-two. We had a party on Saturday and try as we might to make it a simple affair, it never turns out this way. Behold the enormous bounce house we decided to rent for the occasion:

The house of bounce

Oh yes. Despite the incredible downpour (and I am by no means exaggerating here about this downpour), the kids loved it, all the slippery wet fun of it. You can imagine I did not partake, but did go in when there were no kids by my own to jump and chase after.

A choo-choo themed birthday yielded a choo-choo train cake made by S.'s mother (it was rocking awesome), and a million Thoma.s the Tank Engine toys and..the piece de resistance...a gorgeous handmade train table created by S.'s parents. It's gorgeous and Theo basically hasn't left its side since Saturday.

Cake eating

Cooling off in the drink bucket full of ice cold water (after most of the guests left!)

Train table

From above

We leave for vacation on Saturday and don't know what internet access will be like, so this may be it for us for a while. Oh yes, and I forgot to mention that I am OVER half-way through this pregnancy and starting to look and feel pregnant always. My hands and arms fall asleep all over the place when I sleep---did this happen to anyone else? Do I just deal? It's really annoying. Other than that, can't complain except for the occasional cranky uterus growing, growing, growing.


For the Long Haul said...

Your boy is adorable and totally takes me back to when MY boy was two and he was ALL about the trains. Such a sweet time. And re: the hands falling asleep while pregnant? Totally happened to me. Badly. It was horrible. Sounds weird but the only thing that helped it was to buy two splints for carpal tunnel and wear them while I slept on each hand. Annoying when you are trying to wipe in the middle of the night over a large tummy, but totally cured the sleeping hands for me. Enjoy your vacation!

Baby Mama said...

Yes, totally had the numbing issues. When sleeping especially, but also random other times. Very annoying. I just lived with it.

Great pictures!