Sunday, August 15, 2010

An Open List

Terrified that we are going to be scrambling around too late and last-minute to get everything we need, S. and I realized that, at 24 weeks, some stuff needs to start getting done and happening. So far we've:

-compiled a pretty good list of boys names
-read through a few birthing books
-been to all of our regularly scheduled midwife appointments and had an ultrasound (with a follow-up to occur in a month or so for a kidneys check)

Yeah. So, what should probably be done or in the process of being done by now is:
-setting up Theo's new bedroom
-interviewing (at least, if not hiring) doulas
-finding a birthing class/instructor to work with that suits our needs (no first-time mamas birth classes - it would be way too boring)
-exercising regularly, or getting into some mini-yoga/stretching routine so I continue to feel physically comfortable since I will be working up until my due date
-declaring to my job how long I plan on taking for maternity leave (which is still a question mark)

What else should be on this list? We are list people. Maybe we are over-reacting and we've done just the right amount of stuff. We don't need the hubub of registering or decorating a nursery (although we'll need a few new things - new bumpers and new blankets since the ones we have are definitely T's). So that leaves us with..what else? An open question I pose to you, readers.


jessie said...

Do you need to contact a lawyer for any second parent adoption or guardianship stuff?

Def share more belly pics:)

oneofhismoms said...

Show Theo your breast pump. Talk to him about how you are going feed the baby and how the pump isn't a toy to play with. Maybe show him what it does. Get some good books about becoming a big brother. My favorite is "What's Inside?" And decide at what point you are going to start talking to him about the whole little brother situation. I wish I'd shown my older son the pump and talked to him about nursing before the baby came.

CD and SP said...

oh! we'd need a pump for that!!! we had to relinquish S.'s (long story) and have yet to replace it. great idea though!