Friday, August 13, 2010

(Almost) back

Where have we been? Take a guess! (Hint: it's sandy and has no freaking internet access - not even one single network we can suck off of for 10 minutes! ) We're actually still away, but finally coming home tomorrow after two weeks. I realize how ridiculously lucky we are, to be able to get away for a two-week vacation. I hope we'll be able to continue this with two kids so they both get to experience life at the beach, a place we both grew up loving to go.

Safe behind a sand fortress from the crashing waves

New best friend, cousin (twice removed? three times?) Leah

New hobby - banging on anything with sticks and calling it a drum

Soaking up the sunshine

Happy babies frolicking on the shore

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Strawberry said...

Love the pics. They're both so cute. Glad you had a fun time!