Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hitting milestones

We've hit 30 weeks! At m/w appointment today I:

-found out that I DO NOT have gestational diabetes. Yay yay yay!
-found out that I am borderline anemic. Boo boo boo. Luckily, our midwives try to correct this with diet before prescribing giant constipation pills.
-gained about another 1/2 lb. in two weeks. I'm liking my pace, but know it will likely start accelerating in the next few weeks. That's okay, too.
-discovered the baby has been head down since the last midwife appointment - or at least he was today. Good baby!

I decided that I will take at least a picture a week of the belly for your viewing pleasure until the end. (I took a self-portrait Monday morning but haven't dumped it off of my camera yet.) A decided lack of belly shots - and pictures of me pregnant in general - suddenly made me feel very sad since I know I will not be getting pregnant again and want PROOF when this boy comes out that I was the one who grew him.


Finch and Wren said...
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Finch and Wren said...

Way to go at 30 weeks and no gestational diabetes!!!! Looking forward to some pictures - thanks for sharing your journey. We are still TTC so it is so nice to read the stories of other mommies to be!

Svillage said...

30 weeks is wonderful! congrats on having a healthy pregnancy!

2 Chicks 1 Hatchling said...

Yay! Me too! 30 weeks exactly today. Please so share the picss. I like your idea of doing one a week from here on out. I can't believe we only have 10 weeks left (give or take)!