Sunday, September 05, 2010

Busy Bees

Clearly the start of school was a bit much to allow me to have any semblance of free time with which to blog. We relished our last days of summer but, as always, were ready to go back to school by the time the end of August rolled around. Theo is happily back with his beloved babysitter. Seriously---he cries for her and whines, "I want Kaaaate! I want my Kaaaate!" I'm pretty sure he's never sung such a song for his mamas, but it's okay. I love that he loves where he is during the day when we can't be with him.

My first week back as a large pregnant lady was...exhausting. But I made it through. I have an exhausting schedule this year (5 classes in a row with a lunch break after 3). At least I'll be missing for three months of the year when son 2.0 comes.

We spent the Labor Day weekend in Baltimore with S.'s brother, our sis-in-law, my in-laws, and our nephew. We hit Sesame Place on Saturday. Oh.My.Goodness. You only need to witness the long embrace between Theo and Elmo to see that the trip was totally worth it. The kids did great. We ended up springing for the character luncheon - way expensive for really crappy food, but so worth it. Again, I point to the Elmo hug.

Oh yeah, and I'm in my third trimester now. Gulp.

Their grandmother insisted on the matching cousin outfits. I had to admit, it's pretty cute.


nutella said...

Yes indeed, cute. Hang in there with your schedule, it sounds rough!

Laurie said...


Sara I said...

J. and Theo look very similar. They definitely look like cousins!