Thursday, June 26, 2008


carseat installed
prize organic mattress in crib
doula in new england

nursery finished
birth books read
(Birth Partner, Sear's Birth Book, The Thinking Woman's Guide...anything I'm missing?)
"house" to do list complete(still a few outside/garden things...)
co-sleeper set up
cloth diapers washed and ready (and a pack of 7th generations to start)
going home outfit bought (so cute - I love babies in white)
bag packed - tonight! tonight!
evening primrose oil bought (not using just yet - the 80 year old man in me is dying to hear Prairie Home Companion on Saturday night at Tanglewood)
birth plan written
vinyl shower curtain on bed (just in case)
JOB KEPT! So, my district is in terrible financial trouble and anyone under 3 years in the district got pink slipped last week. Mind you, I have taught for 10 years. Just not here. Everyone kept saying it was a formality - but as the council meeting dragged out over the last few days, it really looked dismal. Tonight, with a $200,000 cut and not a $400,000 cut the superintendent says we will be called back. Thank goodness. Besides, you know, the money, I really love my job and my school in particular. It's a big relief. I know most people recognize this, but public school teachers are shat-upon. It's sick that in the two years I've worked here, my job has been threatened twice and probably will be again next year. All for a measly salary. But we do it for the children. :) gag.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Animals in Baby Places

We love our pets, that is for certain. We will do anything for them. (We hope this translates into us being good parents as well!) I just had to share a couple pics of our crazy animals taking up residence in what is supposed to be places for baby to be--changing table and co-sleeper. O.K., one confession first--S. threw Ringo into the co-sleeper and he hasn't voluntarily gone in since.

Luna the cat, however, goes everywhere she and her black-furred self should not--baby's white changing pad, white chair, you get the idea..guess it's the stupid humans' faults for deciding white would be a lovely nursery color. Duh!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Would you look at that--three more weeks to go. S. is officially and totally, no-turning-back-now full term pregnant. Oh my goodness. And, it is officially S.'s last day of school as well. Hip hip HOORAY! I still have until Monday, but the kids are gone so I am feeling gooood...

This week we did many important "hey, the baby could come at any second now" things around the house and outside, including setting up the co-sleeper and having our car seat bases installed. One of the parents in S.'s school is a police officer and safety technician, so he offered to do it for us. It's kind of freaky riding around with that thing in the back seat, and to think soon there will be a squirmy-wormy thing sitting in it soon. It's all a little much and I think it's finally dawned on us--we are HAVING A BABY!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Babyville, Musicville, and Schoolville

No--we do NOT have a baby yet!! I think about 3 teachers I work with asked me that today. I felt like being flippant and saying "Do you really think I'd be here if I had a baby right now?" but I politely just said, "No, not yet--three more week!" I can hardly believe it when I say it out loud. Three.More.Weeks. Or at least close to it. At the end of this week, we will be officially at full-term. As in--if baby is ready, we have to be, too.

So that leads me to my iPod. I got a new one since my old one bit it (I dropped it off of the treadmill one too many times, as it turns out. Oops. I'll be more careful with this one.) S. and I love music, and she's decided it would be swell to birth with music playing. So she put me in charge of the birthing mix. No pressure or anything! But I am having fun with it. I have my parameters--very mellow music, and enough songs that it could cycle through a few times and we wouldn't notice or mind too much. I doubt she'll really remember what song is playing when the pumpkin finally enters this world, but did any of you have any memorable songs playing during birth??

And then--school. It is almost over. I mean, really almost over. S. has until Friday, me until next Monday. I am in the throes of final exams and couldn't be happier about it, since each exam bring me closer to the end of this very busy and challenging year. We are both looking forward to getting those last-minute preparations done, then kicking back and waiting for the utter chaos to begin.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Where do I put it all?

My mom threw us a family shower last weekend. As nervous and distressed as I was over the whole thing, I have to admit, it went quite well and wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it might be. It helped to have my cousin's 2-year old there for comic relief and to take the spotlight away from me. She kept asking if my baby was coming today and I replied that "No, it's still busy growing in my belly. It's not ready to come out yet." Response? "How'd you eat that?" :) She's a firecracker that one.
I was surprised how well people were able to get the "gist" of "us" by looking at our registry. We're picky, we know that...and don't really make excuses for it. We like what we like. People were thoughtful and generous with gifts. My cousin gave us a whole cloth diapering kit, even though she would never consider using them herself. Another cousin's wife gave us a basket with a food mill and organic kids cookbook, glass dish and spoons etc. It really made me feel respected and loved. On the flip side (very few of these,) if you're not going to put thought into a gift...why would you shop and not use the registry? No - diaper genies are not good for cloth diapers. I pledge to always follow the registry...people register because it's what they want - I get it now!

On another note...I crossed the line from shiny happy pregnant to tired achy angry pregnant. The baby is sitting on my sciatic nerve, making it difficult to walk, nevermind keep up with first graders - I can do anything for 8 1/2 more days!!!!