Friday, February 26, 2010

Mental Health Day

Sorry, this is very annoying to some people, but I had to turn my comment moderation on. I was getting super-weird messages from super-weird places. You know what I mean. So if it takes a day or two for your comments to pop up, please do not be offended! I don't always check my e-mail daily (crazy, I know).

Babysitter's daughter has strep, so Theo's home with me today. I needed a mental health day anyway. Did anyone else have a horrible week?? The weather is just compounding the misery. The planets are definitely aligned in some wacky, wacky way. Hoping next week is better.

Oh - and it's CD2. This confirms it - I have a ridiculously short luteal phase. Since I am 99% sure I ovulated between CD 13 and 14, that would have made my luteal phase for my last cycle 8 days long. 8 days! That is insanity. Progesterone after this month's insem for sure, and if we get a BFN, perhaps onto some Cl@mid? I know it's worked miracles for many of you.

Have a great weekend. If it's snowing where you are - ENJOY IT! Our snow storm this week was a bust, blowing forth drippy, wet snow that turned into 4 inches of slush on our gravel driveway which then turned into pouring rain. Spring, are you around the corner somewhere?

Monday, February 22, 2010


I have to say, I only mourned this cycle for about 6 hours - basically, from the time I woke up and my temp peaked and I knew I had ovulated, to the time I was able to call the sperm bank and cancel our shipment at the last minute. I guess I just felt good that, hey, my cycle was regulating itself, and that I pretty successfully could identify multiple signs pointing to impending ovulation. I'm just hoping with earlier monitoring next cycle we'll have really good timing. I'm feeling good.

Oh, and all our woes from last week seemed to have worked out. I visited my Grammy in the hospital and her recovery is going great; Theo's nose is still weird, but damn he's cute; our car wheel is fixed; and my tire hasn't deflated anymore since the fill-up. Oh yes, things are looking up.

Do check out these pictures of Theo taken by our good friends Stacey & Peter during a Winter walk this weekend. You will laugh when you get to the last one, I guarantee!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When it rains..

Remember that "I'm on vacation and relaxing, damnit!" attitude I had last Thursday? Oh, how things change so quickly.

WARNING: there is lots of what is likely to be interpreted as "whining" in this post. At least, that's what S. would call it. I just call it "talking." But you've been warned either way.

So, where to start. Let's start at the very beginning.

During our weekend trip to Martha's Vineyard, Theo fell off a set of stage stairs flat on his face and got a HUGE shiner on his cute-as-a-button nose. When we returned Sunday, we noticed two incredibly huge and hard lumps on either side of his nose. We thought he may have broken it, so today we got a last-minute appointment with our ped. who does not think it is broken, bruised, or fractured. We totally disagree with her. His nose did NOT have those weird bumps before he fell face-first onto the floor. Grr.

Then, on the way to Theo's gymnastics class on Monday, I drove into a nasty pothole (damn freeze-thaw cycles!) while driving S.'s car. Immediately after, the steering wheel started shaking. I took it in today to get looked at. Diagnosis: a bent wheel. Cost of repair: $200. Yay.

I then find out my grandmother had triple-bypass surgery yesterday, only my mother neglected to call and tell me and now I look like a horrible daughter for not calling her yesterday to see how things went. I think I fixed that mistake and will travel two hours on Friday or Saturday to see my grandmother once she's out of the ICU.

Oh, and the best one yet...I ovulated. And our sperm wasn't supposed to arrive until tomorrow.

Let me explain that I don't usually get a peak reading on my monitor or opks until around days 17-19. I got a peak on my monitor day 13, and by day 14, my follicle was gone. I went in for an ultrasound this morning, and there was nothing left but fluid. That ship sailed sometime last night. And us, sperm-less, could do nothing about it except respectfully bow out of this cycle.

It also snowed yesterday, so I got up at 5:00 this morning to shovel and snowblow to get out of the driveway to make it to my u/s appointment.

Okay, I'm done bitching now. Our bffs are coming back around this way for a visit the rest of the week so we can have some actual fun.

Whining over.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

What the hell is with all of my junk blog comments lately? Does anyone else have that problem? I even have the word-thingy on, but it doesn't seem to prevent the random "Hello, nice blog! check out mine at..." comments that lead to random-ass things.

Just a rant. But I'm on vacation now so I.DON'T.CARE! Let the week of relaxing begin.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Conversation Hearts

S: It's almost Valentine's Day. What did you get me?
Me: I thought we weren't exchanging presents. Did you get me something?
S: Yes.
Me: What? Seriously? I thought we agreed not to!
S: I got you 56 million little presents.
Me: What?
Me: Oh. Thanks, baby!

Yes, that's right--more sperm, coming our way soon, next week with an insem hopefully next weekend or the beginning of the week after. We're doing two vials this time - next cycle we're taking off because we don't want to have a baby around Christmas. Selfish, maybe, but hey, if we can control it, why the hell shouldn't we? At least it's one thing we have control over.

I certainly don't have control over this thing right here; just look at the mess he made of my laundry!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Onwards we go. BFN.

I'm glad to have Theo around to cheer me up through this process.