Sunday, August 22, 2010

The weight gain game

Ugh. I do not like stressing out about this, but in the past 5 weeks of pregnancy I have gained....6 pounds. Ugh ugh ugh. The midwife was totally unconcerned - I'd been gaining about 2 pounds every month. I had to go 5 weeks before seeing the m/w because of our beach vacation, where, apparently, it was not wise to eat ice cream She chalked it up to being on vacation, sitting on a beach, and just generally not moving as much in the heat. And the ice cream.

Yep. Looking for a healthier way to indulge my sweet tooth. I go in for the 3rd (!) trimester screening tests in 3 weeks or so, and need to have another ultrasound before that for a kidney check. Sleeping officially kills my hips, even with the giant maternity pillow which I find only marginally comfortable. Still, I feel blessed to have had my pregnancy go this way so far, and still being able run after and catch up with this kid:

P.S. - just had a cup of vanilla ice cream with hot fudge. Baby: 1 Willpower: 0

Sunday, August 15, 2010

An Open List

Terrified that we are going to be scrambling around too late and last-minute to get everything we need, S. and I realized that, at 24 weeks, some stuff needs to start getting done and happening. So far we've:

-compiled a pretty good list of boys names
-read through a few birthing books
-been to all of our regularly scheduled midwife appointments and had an ultrasound (with a follow-up to occur in a month or so for a kidneys check)

Yeah. So, what should probably be done or in the process of being done by now is:
-setting up Theo's new bedroom
-interviewing (at least, if not hiring) doulas
-finding a birthing class/instructor to work with that suits our needs (no first-time mamas birth classes - it would be way too boring)
-exercising regularly, or getting into some mini-yoga/stretching routine so I continue to feel physically comfortable since I will be working up until my due date
-declaring to my job how long I plan on taking for maternity leave (which is still a question mark)

What else should be on this list? We are list people. Maybe we are over-reacting and we've done just the right amount of stuff. We don't need the hubub of registering or decorating a nursery (although we'll need a few new things - new bumpers and new blankets since the ones we have are definitely T's). So that leaves us with..what else? An open question I pose to you, readers.

Friday, August 13, 2010

(Almost) back

Where have we been? Take a guess! (Hint: it's sandy and has no freaking internet access - not even one single network we can suck off of for 10 minutes! ) We're actually still away, but finally coming home tomorrow after two weeks. I realize how ridiculously lucky we are, to be able to get away for a two-week vacation. I hope we'll be able to continue this with two kids so they both get to experience life at the beach, a place we both grew up loving to go.

Safe behind a sand fortress from the crashing waves

New best friend, cousin (twice removed? three times?) Leah

New hobby - banging on anything with sticks and calling it a drum

Soaking up the sunshine

Happy babies frolicking on the shore