Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I am feeling the least bit symptomatic of being pregant, and symptoms I do feel (hunger, bloat, sore boobs, extreme anxiety and moodiness) I am attributing to the progesterone. However, I am only 7 dpo, more or less, and with another week to go of the tww, I am trying to stay positive--or at least neutral. If this try does not work, then I am already booked for a surgery to get my cyst removed next month. I am really, really not looking forward to this surgery (it's supposed to hurt for a week after), so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I see two lines next week.

On a funnier note..my kid is hilarious. And..he is 20 months old. As in 2-0. In a whole other set of numbers old. 24 months seems so, so close. And his mommies...so, so sad. Where is our little boy? Below, witness the big boy consuming an ENTIRE corned beef sandwich at our local St. Patrick's Parade.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And did you know...?

Did you know that, as a side perk of increasing progesterone production (hopefully), B-complex also turns your pee the color of Mountain Dew? Quite amusing!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Ahh yes, and as soon as I took comment moderation off, I get a block of Chinese spam, as Shroedinger pointed out. Just loverly!

I feel very good about the timing of these insems. We did one in Noho yesterday at a beauuuutiful new space there called Cr@dle, done by the same mw that delivered Theo (a good sign? I hope so.), then another one this morning. My midwife is fairly certain, as am I, that I ovulated last night because my temp did go up, but I was still very open with LOTS of ewcm. She old me it was as good a timing as she's seen, so that is tre hopeful. I had to go alone this morning and tell a white lie to work about not being able to come to my first 2 classes, but it's all good. Now I just sit back and wait as my nerves jangle about my short luteal phase. I start progesterone supplements Wed. night and bought some B-complex to take in addition.

Aaaaand, guess what word Theo has learned? NO!!! Ahhh, yes, the wonderful world of NO, or, as he likes to say in a way-too cute voice, OH, NOOOOO!!!!!! It takes our all not to imitate him and give him the wrong idea that it's actually a fun and cute word that's okay to say all the time. I guess it was inevitable.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

All systems go!

I turned comment moderation OFF. To tell you the truth, it was really more annoying than having to delete random-ass comments. So, feel free to fire away again.

My OPK finally turned positive (jeesh, only took until day 17--lordy my cycle is screwed up) and it looks like I'm heading in tomorrow morning. Yikes. We went for 2 vials this week; our midwives' insem policy with 2 vials is to do the inseminations at 12 hours and 36 hours after a peak reading. To me, the last one seems a little late. Thoughts? I feel like I'm an on-the-early-side ovulator, but don't really have consistent proof because I only started temping last month. Dummy dumb-dumb dummy. ALWAYS DO YOUR TEMPS! Lesson learned. But, at least I'll feel good about tomorrow morning's insem, and hope the egg doesn't leave the nest before Monday morning.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Well. I guess my cycle last month really was a fluke, because I went in for a follicle scan yesterday, day 12, and there was one pretty tiny follicle present. It needs to get twice as big before it's ready. So, probably back for another scan later this week. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Erg. The swimmers (2 vials) are landing tomorrow.

We're also waiting for Spring over here. We got a sneak preview this weekend. Oh boy, was it a good feeling basking the sun, watching the rivulets of melting mountain snow trickle down the hills and into the streams and rivers, and walking---walking outside! Yes, it was muddy, but all the more puddles for Theo to jump into.

Oh yeah, remember Theo? In my megalomaniacal quest to get pregnant, I seemed to have forgotten that this blog is named after the cutest BABY. Jeesh. Well, he's a crazy, hilarious maniac, and that's probably all you need to know for now. Oh yeah...and CUTE!

Proof of the actual sun actually melting the snow: