Monday, October 27, 2008

counting down

One week left! My goodness. Some predicted I would be "loving it" by this point and go back to school kicking and screaming. Partly true. There is part of me that will miss some parts of the day - but overall, I'm ready to go back. Well not ready per se, but ready to get ready. I have plans to make, schedules to change, assessments to analyze, kids to know -YIKES. I'm going back to school. It will be a lot of energy and organization in the beginning both on the Theo end and the being a teacher part. But I look two months ahead and like the routine and consistency and being a working mom. That's me. SAHMhood was fun (well, not always) while it lasted. 

We spent the weekend in Burlington visiting with family friends. We had a great time. But we're glad to be home to get Theo back into his routine. He had fun waking up 5 times on Saturday night. I think his buddy Noah taught him that.

Here they are palling around!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

the difference a year can make

A year ago today, Theo was an 8-cell top-grade embryo being placed inside my uterus. Thankfully, he burrowed in nicely, stayed warm and cozy for 9 months before arriving to turn our world upside-down. It's hard to imagine a time without Theo. I mean, I remember it and sometimes I miss it, but I couldn't imagine tomorrow without him. You know? 

He's three months old tomorrow. Seriously. Last year I had an 8-cell embryo that I was hoping would stick around and this year I have a three month old. I wish I could tell the last year S. to relax - next year you'll be crazy in an entirely different way. 


Monday, October 20, 2008

Just trying something

We bought this flip video camcorder awhile back but I hadn't yet tried downloading to blogger. Here's Theo in his swing - yes, I know, not very exciting. Just trying it out. I hope it works, this camera is pretty cool. Cheap and easy. Not high-quaility but good for catching little baby moments. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Change #1
I'm learning how to become a stay-at-home-mom. In the last few days we have gone to infant massage class (not relaxing), gone for a walk with a parents group I've joined, and had an adult- with-child playdate with friends we made in birthing class. We've entered a whole new world. Strange. But comforting. 3 weeks left - I still want to go back to work.

Change #2
I think Theo may finally be rejecting my slow, low-supply breasts. We've had an OK time with our breastfeeding/formula-feeding routine. He gets both. First the boobs - then a 4oz. bottle. Nutrition and comfort, followed by sustenance. In the last week he just pulls off from the boob, sometimes he cries or screams. I don't want to force it but...I want to force it. Not quite ready to give it up. My goal was 3 months and we made it to that, but now I want to make it to 6 months. Lofty, huh? I've really given this breastfeeding thing my all - it's still a disapointment to me but I feel like I overcame it.  Any hints on how to keep him going? I do have some frozen to give in a bottle for the next month or two.

Change #3
The season. It's beautiful here right now. Here he is 'enjoying' it. 

Friday, October 10, 2008

It's National Coming Out Day tomorrow, although I now understand that when you have a child together, you and your same-sex partner must come out in one way or another pretty much every day. I'm running the Gay-Straight Alliance at my school while my good friend and co-worker is on maternity leave (she and her wife had their son in the beginning of Sept.), and we celebrated today by having the kids pass out rainbow ribbons to everyone--and I mean everyone. These kids were undaunted, giving them out to students, teachers, paraprofessionals, staff, and administrators. And, I'm happy to report--most of the adults wore them.

We did have one incident where a teacher (yes, another "educator") told a student, when asked if she'd like a ribbon: "No. I don't believe that should be promoted at school." I have informed my friendly Title IX coordinator and I believe they've had a little chat about that already.

I was so proud of my kids--one even got on the morning announcements (which is on camera, mind you) and said "I'm Gay!" and proceeded to talk about how much casual insults can really hurt. He told me later that when he returned to his class, they gave him a standing ovation.

Making tiny ripples in the system makes me happy.

So does this!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Boring Snoring

So last week I said, damn, this blog has sure gotten boring...but S. responded in a way that surprised me. She said "Good. I like it that way."

Then we looked back to our posts from a year ago, when we were getting ready to start our IVF cycle after 14 failed insem
inations. So yeah, I think in comparison, I'll take a boring blog.

I'll leave you with a boring picture or two. Yes, we love torturing our child. We were trying to get a good picture for a Holiday card, and then made him pose in some homemade sweaters (and a pumpkin his uncle picked out just for him while it was growing this summer in the pum
pkin patch!).

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Big Boy

This is a kid we were worrying wasn't gaining enough? Yikes.
He officially weighs in at 13.6 - 90th percentile. 
His height is 23 1/2 - 75th percentile.
Head circumference is 40cm - 50th percentile.
Cuteness is 100th percentile.

My mom purports that 13lbs. is the magic number. The amount they weigh when they calm down, stop crying and relax into being a sweet baby. Maybe we're getting there. Maybe. It's hard to tell with him. Just as I think things are getting easier, he has a crappy day. So, no promises, but I think we're still headed in the right direction. As we speak, he's hanging out on my bed just talking to himself.