Wednesday, August 09, 2006

DSL and HMOs

Well, we're running off the good old DSL now. I feel totally guilty because we told the lady at town hall we'd be purchasing town internet, but it's not going to be ready until like, December, and a girl just can't wait that long. So here we are, back with Verizon. A calm has descended over me since I hooked it up yesterday. Sick, I know.

I've been thinking a lot about insurance since we've moved up here. I really don't know what my new insurance will and will not cover. We were lucky enough last time that Dr. K. charged us for nothing, and all we payed for was our sperm. But here in MA, we're legally married, so does that mean insurance has to pay for our infertility "problem"? I think IVF is covered by law in MA, which is really cool, but what about all the other procedures that we'll now probably be charged for? I'm worried that even though we have more rights and are legally married here, we're going to feel like reproducing is putting a bigger strain on our savings account.


party b said...

stumbled on your blog through links on other folks blogs...

Anyways - in MA infertility "treatment" is covered by law but what this means does vary from policy to policy. Our MD office was great and knew how to phrase things and what would be covered... we only paid for sperm and the co-pay.

Best of luck! :-)

CD & SP said...

I hope we're just as lucky with finding an understanding MD! Thanks for the reassurance!