Sunday, November 12, 2006

How about a baby IN a Louis Vuitton?

Well, the appointment went well. I like her. I felt the baby factory feeling, but if the end result is...well...a baby, ok. She had a resident with her who did all the work, the notetaking, the exam, the history. I think we surprised them both by knowing so much about my cycle. I mean I told her like 5 times that I have short luteal phase, but she wasn't hearing it until I said that I ovulated on day 20 last cycle and got my period on day 29. Her response..."wow, clomid should help you!" I remember that last time with the meds I was not so gung-ho afterward. Will I regret it again? I don't know.
We plan to go ahead and do one more at-home insem this month, timed with the fertility monitor. It's kind of like a hail-mary. Unfortunately, we find out that insurance kicks in after an entire year of trying (which is quite progressive - go MA - some states have no infertility coverage). However, one year of trying means one year in the doctors office, of covering our own bills. $$$ - I hope we don't run out. The 3 iui's we did in NYC count, but not our at-home insems. Policy is "12 months of contact with sperm," now why won't they cover us at home when they cover every other hetero couple who does it at home? The heteros I know who are trying don't even know when they ovulate! I understand the frozen/fresh factor, but if we were trying at home with fresh, would they cover us? I think not. Damn heterosexist society! Bah humbug, it is what it is! And, though I'm scared to admit it...I feel lucky this cycle for some reason. If it happens at home the RE apt. is redundant - saving us mega-bucks and a lot of energy and ifrustration. Today is day 10 - so about a week from now we need all the hopes and prayers in the world. C'mon baby...Mommy wants a Louis Vuitton for Christmas!


CD & SP said...

oh, i see how it is--you get pregnant this month, i have to buy you a louis vuitton with the $500 we'll save on sperm for the december insemination. priorities! --cd

Married Lesbian Mom said...

Your insurance should cover the at home AI as long as you can get "reciepts" (sp?) from the sperm bank that you ordered and used the sperm.

CD & SP said...

i think all state laws on infertility are different, unfortunately--i think even if we were hetero and using a frozen donor, we'd have to do the insems in the doc's office. boo!