Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanks for Wreaths and Suppositories

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Hope Turkey Day went swell. This time last year, we were watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and had ordered our Thanksgiving dinner from Fresh Direct. It was swell. This year was a little different. We not only made dinner, but made wreathes. Wreathes! Made with freshly-snipped greens from S.'s parents yard. They looked like that. Snazzy, right? (Mine is the one in the middle. It's leafy and wild, like me!)

Anyway, we think all went well for the insem. S. is feeling some twinges, but of course I know it's her obsessing. Stupid me forgot to take the tank to school with me. I know what you're thinking--you showing your students your sperm tank or what?! But the FedEx facility is about 10 mins. from school. OR about 40 mins. from our house. So now I have to call tomorrow to find out if I can drop it off Monday. Our doc has S. on progesterone suppositories, which is fine. The weird thing about them is that they're the same one Dr. K. had prescribed her to take ORALLY. These are to be taken VAGINALLY. Is that not totally bizarre?! I understand it's the same thing, and it's better to be taken vaginally than by mouth (you know, closer proximity, better absorption, etc.), but it's just weird. And S. is starting to get that wonky progesterone feeling. She didn't turn into uber-bitch, but felt just a litte---off--the last time she took them. So, let's hear it for TWW! I honestly feel like it's our first real one in a while, since the last one we already knew wouldn't work. It's a nice feeling, actually, and I don't think I'm minding it so far. Of course, ask me how I feel about it in about a week and I'll probably have a different answer. --cd


e. said...

Good luck in the tww.

art-sweet said...

Pili had to do the oral suppositories in the V. too.

And our Doc was a Dr. K as well.