Saturday, January 06, 2007

Yet Another

This blog is getting really boring. I even find myself bored with it, and it's my own life, so that's really saying something. So, sorry, what readers of this blog may be out there, for over here in babymaking town, we're just not feeling too peppy or in the mood to blog much lately. We got yet another negative test result. (Which translates into: Yet another holiday season of drinking and smoking down the tubes for S.) There was the faintest glimmer of hope, when the cheap Brooke's brand preggo test I bought (which looks alarmingly like an OPK) showed the faintest, teensiest line in the "pregnant" box. We sprung for a more expensive kind, but it was a no-go--we got our negative result this morning.

This leaves us facing an 8th insemination. I feel okay only because we'll be doing it with the baby factory nurses, who are just so incredibly awesome at doing IUIs that it's almost like "Yippee! Another chance!" Maybe we're not that enthusiasic--it is, after all, hard to maintain your enthusiasm after doing the same darn thing 7 darn times--but I think we both feel comfort in the smoothness with which their operation is run.

But I am getting really bored of this routine.


Laura D. said...

Dammit! It musta been that vodka I slipped into SP's decaf coffee.

Just kidding, I love you's gonna happen. And we'll support and love you until it happens...and for every moment thereafter!

vee said...

Oh bugger it. That's hard. Sorry.
And I totally get what you mean about being bored of the whole routine - I too feel like I have nothing to write but the same sad news every month, but please keep writing - I'm rooting for you both and I want to read!

Good luck at the baby factory!

e. said...

BFNs suck. I wish you luck next time.

Anonymous said...

i'm so sorry guys! and i know what you mean about the boring-ness of month after month of bfn's. sucks ass!