Monday, January 22, 2007

Yoga for Babies

Usually, after S. is inseminated, I talk to her belly for the next 2 weeks, telling the little mass of cells to divide, then burrow, then grow into a baby. Obviously this hasn't worked yet, so I'm taking a new approach--I'm "om"-ing to the baby. If you're familiar with yoga, you know that chanting "om" is meant to represent the sound that the nervous system makes as it relaxes and recharges your body. So, it's the representation of the life force (sorta-kinda). I thought this would work since, you know, I really want there to be some spark of life in that there belly, and maybe it just needs a little urging on to keep dividing and forming into a little thing of a person.

Does anyone else do something unusual or special to their or their partner's tummy after insemination? While pregnant? I think it's pretty cute, don't you?


vee said...

Not so far, though we may try it this time, after the success of Jay's 'ovulation dance' this month - we got a peak this morning, and plenty of FM - off to do the sperm thing after work tonight!!

Steph said...

We were just like Sharon Stone and Ellen Degeneres. Standing on my head. After that didn't work. The best thing is to act like it didn't work. Start planning for the next month. Drink alcohol. Then, that's when you will get pregnant.
Just a thought :)
Good luck.

Holly said...

I usually would spout words of encouragement to the swimmers!
I really believed they could hear me.

A said...

I usually envision it all coming together will all my might for days afterward. I guess some small part of me wants to believe in the power of positive thinking. Then I usally switch on day 5 or so to steph's technique for good measure.